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Wildlife Surveys

Helicopter surveys are used for obtaining deer populations and other wildlife (exotics, predators and deer) which helps you obtain the following information (estimating density, sex ratios, fawn survival, age and wildlife distribution) which is necessary for developing harvest recommendations based on goals. Before an aerial survey can be conducted a “Landowners Authorization Form” must be filled out prior to the day of the survey and a permit must be issued by Texas Parks and Wildlife. Helicopter surveys allow the landowner/manager to determine the following:
   1. Buck to Doe Ratio
   2. Fawn Production
   3. Antler Development of Bucks
   4. Distribution of Animals on Ranch
   5. Vegetative Condition of Ranch
   6. Location of Deer for Harvest.

The main benefit of a helicopter survey is that it is a time saving measure for landowners or managers that do not have the time to conduct spotlight surveys and herd composition counts.

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